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With a knowledge base of 300 unique formulations and the research and development capability to design for our clients, we work within a range of industries providing cleaning and infection solutions. Below is a selection of the areas our products cover.
  • Automotive

    We provide an economical range of brilliant vehicle preparation and high pressure cleaning products, including valeting, forecourt cleaning, body shops and much more.
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  • Handcare

    We have a range of handcare products that provide protection, cleaning and aftercare, with effective dispensing systems for all industries.
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  • Food Industry

    We provide cleaning products for the food industry for use in production, manufacturing, catering and transportation.
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  • Laboratory & Technical

    We have cleaning products available for laboratory and technical applications.
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  • Engineering

    We have a range of cleaning and protection products for the engineering and multi-purpose industry.
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  • Healthcare

    Our sister company Dentisan provide a huge range of cleaning and infection control products for the dental industry.
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