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Everyone at Quadralene is valued and has a part to play in our future. The Company will provide the right environment and resources for people to develop their talents.
Everyone at Quadralene is part of the team and we need to help and value each other. Our task is to do everything as well as we possibly can and help others to do the same.
Life is a gift and should not be wasted. We promote a work hard and live life ethic.
Each team member is able to improve our performance. We will create an environment where new ways of working and creativity are welcome. We will avoid any resistance to change which will inhibit growth and potential.
Everyone makes mistakes. So long as the behaviour is not repeated or deliberate, forgiveness will be the norm. We will work together to turn mistakes into beneficial learning experiences. The choice to discipline will not be taken lightly and will be carried out in a just way.
Team members, customers, suppliers and the general public all have a right to be treated fairly. We should treat others as we expect to be treated. We will aim not to work with customers and suppliers who do not embrace this ethic of fairness.
It is essential that we use our resources well (time, materials, abilities). We need to make a profit because we have a responsibility to our workforce, shareholders and the wider community. Without profit we will not be able to continue in business but making money will not be our only consideration.
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